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C. S. D. Academy
Academy of Conscious Sailing

          Many times during cruises or trainings I have heard from you that you easily absorb the knowledge I provide, because the way I do it is understandable and accessible even with complex issues. You have repeatedly urged me to teach in a more organized way. And so it happened:

            Our Academy of Conscious Sailing is starting. The idea of the Academy of Conscious Sailing is to gain practical skills and knowledge, thanks to which you can safely and efficiently steer a yacht on a recreational cruise. Without unnecessary theorizing and knowledge that will never be useful in practice. But with skills that make it easier to steer a yacht and a cruise. You will also co-create the Academy's program.

Pilot Workshop in Greece

You will soon find here information about opportunities to learn and improve your sailing skills

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02 - 09.11.2024

3 850,00 zł

Jesienne warsztaty w Grecji

09 - 16.11.2024

3 850,00 zł

Jesienne warsztaty w Grecji

03 - 12.10.2024

Barcelona - Gibraltar
z elementami manewrowania katamaranem

12 - 25.10.2024

Gibraltar - Wyspy Kanaryjskie
z elementami manewrowania katamaranem

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