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C. S. D. Yachting
Expeditions & Cruises

     We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of expeditions and cruises. If you have your own idea for a trip or cruise, we are ready to make your dreams come true at a time and place convenient for you. 


KEMI 2024 – you can't go any further on the Baltic Sea.

                Sail! The expedition we have been wanting to carry out for several years will finally come true. We set off to the farthest corners of the Baltic Sea and places that are not so obvious destinations. We know that not everyone can afford four weeks of vacation, so we've divided the whole thing into three stages. Each of them is basically a separate hike that will provide an unforgettable experience. The uniqueness of this event is emphasized by the fact that it is a special expedition in which you will not have to worry about preparing meals, because there will be someone who will do it. And you'll enjoy the sailing and the views.

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        Niesamowita gratka. Dołącz do nas w rejsie z Wysp Azorskich do Gibraltaru. Ruszamy 6 maja 2024 r. z Ponta Delgada na Sao Miguel. Płyniemy katamaranem Bali 46. Wyprawa, podczas której nauczysz się wielu praktycznych rzeczy i zdobędziesz staż żeglarski.





Tidal water internship en route
Amstardam - London & London - Amsterdam

Special holiday cruises led by Artur Zamydłacz Szklarz. Conscious sailing on the tides of the North Sea, the aim of which is to gain knowledge and experience as well as 100 hours of internship. You can choose from 6 weekly dates from July 13 to August 24.

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